[PS4] Whatsapp Group for South East Asia Timezone GMT+8

We have a whatsapp group setup for those who play night times (6pm onwards) for GMT+8 timezone. That includes: Hong Kong/Singapore/Philippines and the like. We have people from Tokyo and Australia as well.

If you are looking for people to group up with and are interested in joining the Whatsapp Group. Just private message me your number with country code (ex. +65XXX-XXXX) etc.

Can you add me please in group PS4
In this number 00966509994177

Hii plz add me to your whatsapp group +919467378617

@ToiletWraith @Bot @TheMountainThatRoars close?


@Anmol_Kamboj Welcome to the forums!

I’m sorry, but I’m closing this thread. It’s 2 Years old now, and Xacarius hasn’t been seen around here for just as long. That said, you can PM him like he describes in his post and/or you can make a new thread if you want. :slight_smile: