[PS4] We need a medic for our ESL team Stage Done

I need a medic that can easily play any character or ,who at least, great with a few. If you’d like to join or are interested, message me, S-hunty_1967, on PSN or reply to this post with what you can play and your PSN ID. We already have a great monster, I play every assault, our trapper is the best I’ve seen, and we have a player who wants to play support. Our team name is Stage Done and we’re looking to compete every Sunday. We need a player who
understands what to do at all times. One that knows when to heal the assault or one that call out if someone needs shielding. We are playing at the highest level possible and we will accept no less. Practice is mandatory and I will send a message to everyone when it’s time to do so. We want to win.


I wont be able to do it cuz…football :smile:

but I may have someone who might wanna do it. in fact ill be at his house on those sundays lol. whos your monster?

Kinghtmare, the best Kraken on PS4.

It’s Sunday mornings btw

Seth and PvtRyan might have words with you about that.

Anyways, I can’t play, but if you wanna scrim, I’m available. Also, ask around in Sunday streams - a lot of people in there wanna play.

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