PS4 Voice Quality


I’m not sure if it carries over on Xbox1 or/and PC players… but the in game voice chat quality on PS4 is absolutely horrendous. It sounds like everyone is drowning inside of a blood stuffed Tauntaun. I’m not forced to, but much more willing to sit in a PSN party with one or two players, leaving the rest of my hunter team out (who ignore party invites) and continue to be uncoordinated and lose, than to hear the screeching terror that is the player being disemboweled on the other end of the mic.

Devs; Are there any plans to improve in game voice chat quality?


yeah idk what happened there. i usually invite everyone to my party lol.


I think this was a PS4 specific issue, something with how your voicechat works, I think that @MajorLeeHyper was talking about it. Everything’s alright on PC/XBONE.


I hope they fix this, everyone sounds super loud and like they are in a cave. The group I play with uses a party chat, and that works perfectly, but when they’re not on and I play with randoms, it usually sounds bad.


Good to know it’s only on one system at least. I hope they improve it eventually, there are more important issues for sure.