PS4/Vita remote play controls?


So after playing Evolve for a solid 6 hours straight, I decided it was time to move the party to my bedroom and settle down with some more Evolve, albeit via Remote Play on my Vita.

I was preeetty disappointed to find that is seemed like no consideration was given to Remote Play controls. Having to aim and shoot using the back touch pad is literally impossible to play with, and there are no controller options in the settings that make playing any easier.

Is this soemthing I can expect to see fixed in the future? Or should I just throw out my hopes, dreams, and aspirations of playing Evolve anywhere besides my livingroom?


just tried remote play for the first time with evolve myself and really is a shame about the button layout…
ideally youd have R1 L1 R3 L3 all mapped to the touchpad, but R2 and L2 mapped to the shoulder bhttons is essential!

really hope this simple to solve problem is updated soon and not overlooked.


Ya, even a control layout in the options would be nice. I don’t need any fancy pop up Remote Play custom stuff like Ubisoft does.


Hopefully its sorted sooner rather than later, as u say, unplayable at the moment


I feel the same way, I was really disappointed that evolve did not have remote play control options. Maybe they will address in an upcoming patch or update.


Fingers crossed