PS4 version still broken


There’s still day 1 issues plaguing the PS4 version of the game that haven’t been fixed. It still crashes very frequently, probably at least once every 1.5 hours. Every 2 evacuation campaigns I do it crashes and sends me back to the dashboard. There is also another match breaking bug where everyone else freezes in your game except you. Maybe these issues should be fixed before releasing more DLC.


Are you talking about error code CE-34878-0?


No, I don’t remember if it gave me an error message, but it’s only Evolve crashing for me.

Also just had another bizarre bug. Was day 4 of evacuation on Nest. Started as Goliath and had a perk from the last match that gave me glowing hands. But the eggs did not spawn and the match ended as a hunter victory after 31 seconds. Then on defend I played as behemoth and could not feed on the wildlife.


Wow… that sounds incredibly buggy. Do you have any video of these bugs? The devs tend to be able to reproduce bugs much easier if they have detailed info and videos, and get them solved.

Thanks for coming on and reporting this :smile:


I saved both bugs, but they are in two separate videos.

I uploaded it from the PS4’s capture gallery. The video starts from the end of round 3. The match where the glitch occurred starts at 5:15.

I’ll upload the second bug video tomorrow maybe if I have some time.

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Thats a map effect from borken hill mines


uhh…that’s not what I’m talking about. If you skip to 5:15 you’ll see a game of nest started but ended in 31 seconds with the win going to the hunters. I included the 5 minutes and 15 seconds before just in case anything in that time may have been the trigger for the bug. Unless you mean that map effect is what triggers the bug, which is possible I suppose.


Sorry i reaf the post with the glowing hands wrong. Just rewatched the video i didnt see anything wrong that could cause this


Huh strange the issue occurs when the eggs were spawning in we will look and see if we can repro this on our end thanks for the info and video.