PS4 version of Evolve is an unplayable and bug ridden disaster!


The state of the game is unacceptable. I’ve had game crashing bugs and graphical errors every game i’ve played of evacuation. Tempted to get a refund because this is garbage.

How is it possible the game got worse since the BETA?

I didn’t play evac yet, I plan to later on with my friends I made online.


Xbox1 there’s no problems at all


Bud you must be very unlucky, i’ve got over 250ppl in my group and I haven’t heard of anybody having as many issues as you.

Are you playing online?


Please troll somewhere else, thanks you.


nearly 98% of the time my player falls through the floor of the drop ship. 80 % of the time the game crashes on respawns and requires a full application shutdown from the dashboard. etc… There is no way this passed QA. This is Bullshit!


I’m not trolling at all. I’m in a group with 4 random new evolve players. and every match has been this way. I’m playing the digital version on PS4.


Join our party. my gamer tag obmoc. Ask any questions you have. this is unacceptable.


@obmoc I’m not calling you a troll, please take your time when reading a post.

I’m at work so I can’t join you. But i’ve not heard of any issues similar to what you’re having.

@Plaff @SledgePainter @Brandini an you help with this please, seems like too many issues for one person.

@obmoc Await a response and go from there. I understand you’re angry, but sometimes you have to roll with the punches, so be patient and tough it out.


I played PS4 all morning with no issue. Perhaps try the usual fixes? … Restart, reload, check PS4 update version.

Hope it’s just a quick fix!


no visual errors here, just matchmaking problems


The post that @CivRules posted was a response to ingeniuspebble, not your bugs. The best thing to do would be to upload a video of your problems so that TRS can see what is happening. It helps so much more when they can see exactly what’s happening. Sorry you’re having such a bad experience, does it do these glitches on single matches or Evac only? @MrStrategio


i am updated to the latest version when i check for update. Instead of seeing the drop ship video where the doors open all we see on occasion is the player characters view floating in space while the other players see the drop ship video. The player floating in space falls to the ground and takes damage.


There was no trolling intended just stating that it works for xb1


Haven’t tried single matches just evac at this point. I’m not mad. The game is fun just needs some polish and bug fixes. Sorry I thought the troll comment was directed toward me. It seems to us the game has gotten more stable. we’ve actually been able to complete a few games in a row now. The first 5 games were so bad it prompted me to create an account and create this thread. currently we are having a blast. I will see if i can capture the next bug using share function and post it on facebook or something.


If you could post it on here, it would probably be seen sooner. I can bump you up on your account so you can post vids if I have to


The more information you provide the better the response you get will be friend.


Ok so just to clarify everything here since we have finally taken a break from the game.

  1. I have upgraded my PS4 HDD to a 1tb drive from travelstar. 32mb cache and it’s 7200 rpm.
  2. I preloaded the game from the PSN store along with the update. they both are added to the download que when you preorder.
  3. When the game became available to play last night around 11pm I played through the tutorial a few times while the game finished install. This took longer than expected and I actually put my PS4 into rest mode and went to bed.
  4. This morning launched the game, everything was accessible from the main menu. Install had finished.
  5. i went straight to matchmaking to play evacuation.
  6. the first 5 games or so were riddled with a various number of crashes and freezes and graphical errors.

Examples: (all were experienced by hunters)

  1. freezing in place and not being able to move while on the ground jumping/hovering over some rocks.
  2. when launching into game from the drop ship after the first attempt many of the party were experiencing a odd graphical glitch where you would spawn what appeared to be through the floor of the drop ship and not see the level entry video where the ship doors open. Then the player would proceed to drop from the sky and hit the ground before the rest of the squad.
  3. The game locked up to a black screen for the whole party during a post game screen that was all black but showing the voice chat icon at the bottom of the screen. we all had to dashboard and use options to close the application.

These errors popped up very frequently for everyone in the party. It was very odd. Then somehow everything miraculously fixed itself. We reentered the game, partied up and played successfully for the last hour or so without issue. It was a very odd experience but a bad first impression.


Is it just evacuation? I’ve played multi and solo stuff for close to half a dozen hours and have yet to encounter any problems.


Yes Hod we played about 4 hours of evac from about 9pm to 1pm. Only evac. i didn’t have any issues last night during the install during the solo tutorial as well. I’ll try some straight up single matches here shortly and keep you guys posted.