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Can we smilingly post what ID we would choose if we had a PS4 …?


If you don’t have one then wait until you do, just incase it’s already taken. That’s what I’m gonna do, so I hope people don’t forget to add me :stuck_out_tongue:


Me either. Hopefully I’ll be able to post on this topic next week friday after I bring home the bacon!!!


My username is Nazra360


Brandan92 here. My games for PS4 include AC4, Watch Dogs, Lego Marvel (lol, I know), Theif, and War Thunder which I’m playing right now. Don’t forget to add your games so you know who you can play with right now


Clues in the name


I have bf4, ac4, nfs rivals, war thunder, bf hardline beta, and resogun


My online games are BF4, AC4, BFHL beta, war thunder, Awesomenauts, Shooter Ultimate, mercenary Kings, & that one free zombie game that crashes every time I try to play multiplayer


I also have the destiny alpha! Add me of you wanna play


I get home about 4:30 eastern so if you send me a request i’ll add you and join. Sorry, forgot about Destiny lol


Gun_Slinger666 and I mainly play some CoD, Battlefield, AC4 and Watchdogs, but will be diving into evolve ASAP. :sunglasses:


A-hardie2 is me folks, add me, especially you gunslinger


DarkKillerxA0F I currently only have a vita, but am getting a ps4 when the dough rolls in. I also plan on starting a competitive Evolve team on Ps4 if anyone is interested.

I plan on changing my tag once I get my ps4 to my teams tag plus Nightmare. So basically ABC Nightmare. Or with an underscore if I can’t use a space. I will edit this when I actually change it.


Finally can post my name on here “DustD3vi1_”
Only games I have though are inFamous SS, Watch Dogs, and Warframe which Im still new to so if there are any vets that could show me the basiscs would be great thanks and look foward to the invites


When the game releases, hopefully we can get together and play a match every night or so and discuss our games in the forums. That would be so awesome!


That’d be cool. I hope everyone plays as soon as the game releases, I know I will be and I wanna be able to play with people from here first before playing with strangers. I know @Gamer_Goat is gonna be on PS4 too, he just hasn’t posted his PSN name yet :stuck_out_tongue:


You can just look him up on youtube. His name will be on all the videos. Except I’m pretty sure it’s just gamer_goat again.


Actually I think it is. I still need to post mine yet but I can’t really since I don’t have a PS4. I’m aiming for “Plaff”, “Plaff_” or “Plaff_167”. I’m just hoping “Plaff” hasn’t been taken yet


you know you can make a psn account off of your ps3 or computer, so you can get your name