PS4 Update?


There’s nothing on the trello even about it so figured I’d ask but has there been any updates about what’s going on?


Sadly, TRS are not in control of when Stage 2 goes to consoles, and the people in charge of that decision haven’t given the green light or go-ahead yet.


yeah despite it being nearly 2 months we havent gotten even a peep about it.


I dare say if it’s coming soon it’ll be on the trello, considering that’s what it’s for. You don’t ask a Baker for a muffin when he clearly states that all he has are donuts.


Maybe because they’re not even working on it. What would the update possibly be about then?


Maybe a confirmation that its even comeing. Leaveing 2/3rds of your playerbase totally in the dark isnt cool. Not saying that Trs directly have a choice on the matter.


I say around Christmas Time or New Years


I say don’t expect this until the middle of next year “IF” they decide to port it over to Consoles. They haven’t even finished the Character Variations, Monster Variations, Maps, Map Variations, Game Modes, Perks, Balancing. I say just give up on expecting any console updates anytime soon. I’m not trying to put a damper on anyone but I’m just being realistic. This is coming from a PS4 player. :pensive:


Don’t hold your breath. They haven’t even started work on it yet. Don’t be surprised if we don’t get it either.


The last update that was posted was that they weren’t even given the green light yet for consoles… So months later and no green light doesn’t look good at all for us.


It’s coming soon. Hopefully.


Yep, sadly I did. I can take a screenshot of my xbox hard drive if you need confirmation. Or you can check my profile and you will see how long it’s even been since its been played.