PS4 undefeated wraith


Been watching this guys stream, he’s a nice guy, giving lots of commentary on what he’s doing and why.

Natsumi_hi on twitch

Importantly he doesn’t seem to think he can’t be beat, just that he hasn’t been so far. He’s also just said how he’d find it cool if the devs played PS4 and that his first defeat would be against them.


I’ve seen his stream as well. Great player and I don’t think he leaves games to avoid losses


He’s just saying here that he thinks decoy is OP, he’d remove all damage from it, but also make it more “realistic”, in tune with the stealthiness wraith should be.


All I hear about people streaming is Wraith, lol. Is it even entertaining to watch a Wraith of all monsters easily stomping pugs? It’s not even fun to actually play with a Wraith, lol. I’d be impressed if he was a legit undefeated Goliath or Kraken.


He says he’s been defeated a couple of times as Goliath and Kraken.


no its boring as fuck

kraken/goliath is so much more entertaining


maybe ill add this guy. we seem to be slaying tons of wraiths lately. you dont even have to chase them just fight at the generator and kill them with the defense comp.


What is a pug?


Pick Up Group


So random mo-fos that don’t have a team pre-assembled?


I played this guy last night but he was medic and i was the monster. he didnt do so hot lol. I had to leave to join my team but we sent him invites he never joined :frowning: