PS4 UK Hunters wanted!


So, I would like to refill my friends list with more Evolve players, as currently it mostly consists of Battlefield and Bloodborne.

I’m 16, have a mic and main the Trapper. So I’d like to add Supports, Assaults and Medics in particular but all are welcome unless you walk into Tyrants on a daily basis!

PSN: Goldengeartwo. I’ll be on most of today so you may get a quick response. Happy hunting!


I’m from Ireland if that suits? Same time zone :), I’m mostly support, bucket ranked 183 (Europe) and sunny is in the low 1000s not fully sure atm

PSN: Decie123


Heyo, i currently play medic a lot( gotta love slim), and also play the other classes decently. I also live in the UK
PSN: Flashtounge