PS4 Trophy help (USA, EST)



I am looking for someone to help me obtain the Inconceivable and Mano A Monster trophies on the PS4. Basically, I need someone to play a custom game or two with me where the other player is the Monster, and I can kill them at stage 3 while the rest of the team is dead without taking damage myself. Anytime after 8:30 PM and before noon Eastern Standard Time is good for me, but I can schedule another time to accomodate you if I can. I will also be willing to help you with any trophies you need help with in return.

Thanks for your time!


Keep playing, and it will eventually happen. Did for me, anyway.


Hey Zwie, I should probably be able to help you out. Just let me know when you’re ready and I’ll be on !


Awesome! Thanks, @Empovyle! :smile:

How about tonight around 9:30?


Haha ok, sure that works for me.


Awesome! See you on Shear!