As per several other posts, my Facebook group and I will hosting a Trial Tournament over he course of next weekend, 20th-22nd Feb.

Therefore if that interests any of you then you’re more than welcome to come check us out and get involved. This Tournament is for TEAMS not individuals, so again, if this interests you please click on the following link.

All the rules and information are located on our Group Page. If you have any questions you’re welcome to PM me.


Team must have a Minimum of four (4) human players.
Team must have a Team Name. (Nothing Crude)
Team must have a Team Leader. (Someone Organised and Responsible)
Team Leader will provide details of all team members.

All of the above should be completed before entering a team into any Tournament.

Good Luck & Happy Hunting to you ALL. :smile:

LF Casual/Competitive PS4 Players?
Evolve PS4 Tournaments
Any competitions? (Xbox One)

so no hunter (You) vs monster (me)?


It’s 4v4 best of three. I’ll edit the main post soon, a little busy at the minute.


Hey Civ!
You should message me so that we see if we can help you on Gridom to set up the teams in special tournament lobbies?!


I like the idea but we’re nowhere near that stage just yet. Once I get the basics sorted I hope will get involved, i’ve already been in contact with their Head Admin, so i’m hopeful we can come to some sort arrangement. If we can utilise your services we will get in touch. Baby Steps :smile:



@Plaff @Kevinkukuy @michigan_ball @Brandini


Ouch, Sunday’s are my day with the GF. If I only had like 1-2 matches Sunday, I could probably do this


It is was it is, this is a trial so maybe in the future dates and times might change, but for now weekends are the easiest time for me to organise this stuff…


Strictly for ps4? Is/are there any for Xbox One?


I suggest you use the search function to look through other threads. This is a PS4 Tournament, therefore I have no idea about the other platforms…


To all, this topic is still open… :slight_smile:


We have 1 space available for this Tournament.


so nothing for us solo monster players? sad face!


Nope, not yet. :smile:


My team beat the team you put us against @CivRules


I know, I was watching. Thanks for helping out, really appreciate you guys standing in so late…



Match 1. Brian Jackson 's Dark Trigger vs Eric Strasik 's Team Tyrant
Live via & for Team Dark Trigger & for Team Tyrant

Match 2. 10PM Kyron Pitts Flying Pink Ponies vs Andrew Giles Team Avalanche
Live via for the Flying Pink Ponies & for Team Avalanche.

We hope and expect all matches to be streamed live via Twitch…


akumasrage11’s hunter match round 1 of the tournament
Team Flying Pink Ponies vs Team Knuckleheads
2-0 Flying Pink Ponies


Round 2 Monster match vs Team Avalanche
2-0 Flying Pink Ponies