[PS4] Trapper/Support LFG


Aggressive Trapper/Support LFG. Competitive is preferred, but just a normal bunch of smart players would be nice.

Requirements of group:

  1. Ability to communicate (Headset required)
  2. Good situational awareness
  3. Solid group synergy

Preferences of group:

  1. English Speaking (I can’t speak fluent Spanish or German. Sorry)
  2. Level 30+ (Not because of lack of level, but due to lack of skill. But level isn’t everything)

Confused about the post? Invite me to a game and see how I work with your team.



Alrighty, I am a good Hank, and Sunny player. Very good at Bucket if it is Nest

PSN: geniusbar99

I am level 40. Almost have Hank and Sunny Elite. Just need Orbital strike Elite and Shield Protector for Sunny

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