PS4 Tournaments/Battles?

I already checked it out. I’ll let you know if maybe we can arrange something.

Edit: Will you be arranging a tournament format for any platform?

I own XBOX One but I haven’t ruled out other platforms . I will need support if we extend into PS4 and or PC

I have the participants, all we need is a lobby and a place to hang our coats :slight_smile:

I wonder if DGL can be used for ps4 tourneys too. thats wat the PC tournament was used on. @MaddCow might know the answer.

i tried to set one up for the beta in but i never got enough ppl in time and i kinda forgot about it lol.

DGL is primarily a PC centered site. That being said, I can’t speak on behalf of possible ideas that @L1NK would be better answering.

We need at least 8 teams and I’d need someone to run/set up the rules, ladders, tournaments, etc :smile:

but we’re definitely open to consoles and outside of NA regions but I’d need staff to help out!


I nominate @CivRules. I will be VERY busy with an academy for a promotion so I would disappear soon after it starts. like april or later. im just too busy to run it :).

but im down to play for sure!

sorry but what is the name of your group? i am also a ps4 player

The name of the group is Evolve PS4 and we’re on Facebook.

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Can you PM me please, we can discuss this a bit more if you wish.

I’m hoping @L1NK will get in contact with me, if not my group is looking for a gaming website that could possibly assist with hosting an Evolve PS4 Tournament.

If anybody has any ideas or contacts then please PM me.

PM’d :smile:

Let the dialogue begin :slight_smile:

will like to sign up as
Team: KnuckleHeads


  1. KevinKukuy - (Leader) - (
  2. XxKaptn_RickyxX
  3. GoodOldKeith - (Co-Leader)
  4. SooperDrew
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I like your enthusiasm, however we’re not accepting applications just yet. In the very near future I will create another thread to advertise the tournament, so check back soon.

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Is it cheating if we use auto aim to our advantage?

If you mean the in-game auto-aim then no.

Ok. Thanks.

Is this tournament stikk going on? Where can i sign up??

i’m pretty sure that tournament fell apart. I made one at this link.