PS4 Tournaments/Battles?


Calling ALL PS4 players and PS4 groups.

Will you be participating in any organised tournaments/battles? If so would you kindly contact me ASAP, many thanks.

The reason I ask is, I am an Admin for my group and we as a group will be creating a private tournament. However, if other groups are thinking or have planned this already for their respective groups then i’d like to hear from you.

@L1NK I checked out your site. My group will be using the following rules and information. FYI, it’s still a work in progress. I’ve used some of your info to, this should make life a lot easier if all competitions are universally the same.


What is a battle?
A battle consists of two teams facing off against each other in a best of three contest. Battles are created and organised by our group’s members (YOU). If both teams were to win as Hunters or Monsters, then the team that won in the quickest time would get to choose what role they play in the deciding game. Admins will not interfere, unless a member raises a concern.

Whilst you, our group members, organise battles, we recommend that you use the Tournament Rules when creating aBattle. We recommend that you use battles as a practice ground for Tournaments or for some payback!

Battles are to be organised on the Evolve PS4 Battles event page, please click on the following link to open that page.


Teams must consist of a minimum of four (4) human players; one of 4 hunters in each team will be obligated to act as the Monster when alternating roles during battles. We strongly suggest you have several members in your team (6-10members), allowing for those of you/us who have real life responsibilities.

When entering a tournament, each team must designate themselves a team name and a team leader. It will be their responsibility to organise his/her team for that corresponding tournament. Admins/Moderators will ONLY contact the team leader, so choose wisely!


What is a tournament?
A tournament consists of several teams (MIN 8) facing off against each other it a knockout format.
Each battle consists of two teams facing off against each other in a best of three contest. If both teams were to win as Hunters or Monsters, then the team that won in the quickest time would get to choose what role they play in the deciding game.


Monday – Previous weeks results posted up.
Tuesday - Wednesday – (Week x) Tournament is open for applications.
Thursday – Team Leaders will be contacted to confirm their battle slots and opponents.
Friday – Tournament begins with the quarterfinal battles.
Saturday – Tournament resumes on Saturday with remaining quarterfinal battles and semifinal battles.
Sunday – Tournament resumes with remaining semifinal battles and OVERALL FINAL.


All tournament battles will use the following settings

Mode: Hunt
Map: TBA
Map Effects: None
Difficulty: Balanced
Fauna & Wildlife: Normal
Round length: 20 Minutes
Round Robin: Off
Reinforcement Time: Default
Strikes: 2
Character Perks: On
Mastery Bonus: Off
Elite Wildlife: Off

Settings are subject to change; if that is the case you will be notified before that corresponding tournament begins.

Before the Battle
Team Leaders should add each other on PSN.
Team leaders will confirm tournament settings.
Team Leaders will confirm the PSNID for their respective monsters.
Screenshots to be taken to confirm tournament settings.
Screenshots to be taken to confirm the result.

The use of any cheat is illegal. Players caught cheating will be removed from the tournament immediately. Any battles played with said player will be forfeited or overturned. Cheaters will be removed from the group and banned from entering any further tournaments.

Server Crash
If the server crashes during a battle, the match should be restarted and replayed.

Player Disconnections
If a player disconnects for any reason, pause the game. That player, or a substitute player, has 10mins to rejoin or they will forfeit that battle. If this happens more than once notify your Moderator, he/she Moderator might decide that this battle needs to be replayed.

Game Abort
If your opponent should deliberately leave the match, you must file a protest. In order to file a protest contact the moderator and state what happened. Take a screenshot or use recorded footage if possible, to make it easier to back up your claim. No fake results will be tolerated and will be considered cheating!


Evolve PS4 Tournaments
Evolve PS4 Tournaments

I think @Overeptic was making something?


Cheers. :smile:


I’d be interested in taking part in a tournament, will you be posting details on your Facebook group if you organise one?


@Plaff Do you check the page much?

I/We will be organising something, it’s just a case of what and when. It’s an unusual game in that it offers so many variations. What we’re currently discussing is how to simplify it down to the bare essentials that allows any and all to participate.


I check it every now and again to see what’s being said, not a massive Facebook person to be honest. I’ll keep an eye out for any updates about it :slight_smile:


No worries.

If you didn’t notice, I put a poll up asking the group if they’d like a Tournament to be introduced. Got a good amount of positive responses, now it’s just a case of organising it.

I’d like it to be organised ASAP, give it a trial run and see how it all feels. :slight_smile:

New Member Looking for PS4 Friends

working on something myself. Looking to get help on the PS4 side of things.
My site is in my profile


I already checked it out. I’ll let you know if maybe we can arrange something.

Edit: Will you be arranging a tournament format for any platform?


I own XBOX One but I haven’t ruled out other platforms . I will need support if we extend into PS4 and or PC


I have the participants, all we need is a lobby and a place to hang our coats :slight_smile:


I wonder if DGL can be used for ps4 tourneys too. thats wat the PC tournament was used on. @MaddCow might know the answer.

i tried to set one up for the beta in but i never got enough ppl in time and i kinda forgot about it lol.


DGL is primarily a PC centered site. That being said, I can’t speak on behalf of possible ideas that @L1NK would be better answering.


We need at least 8 teams and I’d need someone to run/set up the rules, ladders, tournaments, etc :smile:

but we’re definitely open to consoles and outside of NA regions but I’d need staff to help out!


I nominate @CivRules. I will be VERY busy with an academy for a promotion so I would disappear soon after it starts. like april or later. im just too busy to run it :).

but im down to play for sure!


sorry but what is the name of your group? i am also a ps4 player


The name of the group is Evolve PS4 and we’re on Facebook.


Can you PM me please, we can discuss this a bit more if you wish.


I’m hoping @L1NK will get in contact with me, if not my group is looking for a gaming website that could possibly assist with hosting an Evolve PS4 Tournament.

If anybody has any ideas or contacts then please PM me.


PM’d :smile: