PS4 Tournament Winners


CONGRATULATIONS to the FLYING PINK PONIES on winning our 1st Weekly Tournament! Well-done and keep up the good work!

On a side note, I would like to thank all the Team Leaders, Andrew Giles , Brian Jackson , Eric Strasik , Joshua Barrow , Kevin Kukuy Coentrao , Kyron Pitts , Liam Abbott , the TRS Mods and all their team members for getting involved. Without you this wouldn’t be possible! Many Thanks! So who’s going to win next time?

@L1NK @Plaff @michigan_ball @Brandini Can you all pass this on to whomever you feel it necessary to get the word out, many thanks. Link, come the beginning of March I will transfer this across to your website. So far so good, fingers crossed.


Congratulations to the Flying Pink Ponies. :smile:


Please see here for this weeks tournament.


Grats :smile:


woooo! ill be posting all the matches we have recorded as soon as i gathered them all. we decided to let anther teammate play goliath as i hate orbital drill as the kraken. i mean my goliath was god but i wanted to let others play to see how they did. ballsy sure, but i was confident in his 71-1 record lol.

great games tho man. like our finals hunter win was an imitation of the interactive trailer of goliath. we won when i laid a mine right in front of me and goliath leap smashed my face killing me but he died lol.


Can’t take that name seriously >_>


maybe thats why we won lol. they thought itd be a stomp.


Crazy awesome name, but it works! I honestly just assumed someone in your crew was into My Little Pony as a kid.


nope just an old guild wars 2 clan name and there were zero objections so i went with it since he said that first lol.


What server did they play (I know that because of mega servers it isn’t really important) but my wife and I play Guild Wars 2 and that guild name sounds familiar.


not sure haha it wasnt me. id have to ask kirby


What are your opinions on the strongest hunter team and strongest monster?

Also how much can you win vs the monster if you solo queue on match making?


strongest monster will be debatable in different players hands. but goliath is best equipped to handle all comps. he adjusts his gameplay to the hunters he faces and has more armor and hp to make up for mistakes. based on that plus objective variations on different maps. goliath is the safest pick to ensure victory. but can be beaten because hes not specializing in one area.

hunter team: well that too is debatable again. you have different goals with different comps. we run a protect laz comp created to defeat stage 3 monsters. thats how we won the tourney really. its difficult to execute but when done right can be very strong

depends what position you get. but you as a player can certainly help. as assault or support I can still ping like crazy and tell my team where the monster is HEADING. not where he is currently. this helps your trapper go cut off the monster in order to get the dome. after that. remember your role to the team and hope for the best. honestly pubs are about trusting random ppl. at level 40 i have been winning a ton of pubs as hunters cuz ppl actually get it now. monster play has been harder and harder to win. which is fun :slight_smile: