PS4 Tournament Sign Ups


Here is where you can sign up for the second Evolve PS4 tournament!

It will start shortly after the end of the first tournament. Below I will post a link to the the first tournament (which is still underway) so you can stay updated on the progress, and watch some competitive evolve play.

If you are interested in joining, enter the PSN of your team captain below. My PSN is LMZ363 and I look forward to playing with all of you. Feel free to message me with any questions.


  • Tournament will be a single elimination bracket

  • Teams will have one week to schedule their matches with their opponent

  • Teams will get in contact with one of the referees to schedule their matches

  • Referees are mandatory, and will be hosting the match and viewing it via observer mode

  • Glitches and exploits are not allowed, and will be subject to ref discretion as to whether or not you will restart a round

  • Any game breaking bugs, glitches, or exploits will result in the restarting of the round

  • Players can not play for more than one team

  • Matches will be played in a best of five series

  • All aforementioned rules are subject to change. We will notify participating teams if they do change, but it is up to you to know what is and is not allowed.

  • Teams must submit their full team roster via forums or send it in a ps4 message to lmz363 or YODADDYZDADDY.

Match Set Up

Difficulty - Balanced

Wildlife Population - Normal

Round Length - Default

Reinforcement Time - Default

Strikes - 2

Character Perks - On

Mastery Bonuses - Off

Elite Wildlife - Off

Map Effect - None

Tournament #1

Evolve PS4 Tournament (Final 4)


PSN: KillThGovernment

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Put your team roster and name please.

When do you think this would start?

Not quite sure depends when the current one finishes. We’ll put up an official date ASAP.

Team Mudbone
Monster: B-Wood3235
Assault: Jayrob2k7
Support: marinebro1227
Trapper: COLDFIRE0007
Medic: Hermz580
Alternate: Creation_Chaos, willyq

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I might see if I can get a team together. I know a lot of good players so we’ll see.

Yeah I’m in
I’ll pm you on playstation and this time I will actually be able to play

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hey b_wood does the monster player have to be a separate person who plays just monster or can one of your hunters double as a monster player also?

Just a little feedback: As an outsider, who doesn’t play in this tourney I would still like to follow it and see the progress.
There are probably free tournament/bracket generators online that easily show the members of each team and who is playing vs who. And also look nice.
Maybe I’m just inpatient or overlooked something, but I couldn’t even find a complete list of teams with all their members in the last tournament :frowning:

Besides that I really like what you are doing!! I know you are putting a lot of effort into this and it’s great to see a community driven tournament for ps4, as that console doesn’t get any official love lol.

One last question. Does a team have to have a dedicated monster player or can someone play both monster and hunter?

The first tournament was a learning experience for us and this was one of the things we learned we should do and have implemented for this tournament.

@KlintxBeastwood Could you please include your team roster and yes a player is allowed to double as a role. Roles don’t have to be set.

Yes monster players can also be hunter players if they wish


Rynoh13 - Captain

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Team Name: Lucky XIII


  • LosSalvatierras
  • Oorah01
  • nadasvada
  • Buggelito
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Team Name: Space Station Crew


  • S_P_A_C_E_x5
  • Kaledanan
  • AzureGodOfTheSky
  • Mesingo
  • RjDiddles
  • DannyDynasty
  • LazyOrKid
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Ok so 1. What are the rules on disconnects? 2. By best of 5, do you mean Team A’s monster plays Team B’s hunters in a best of 5 then Team A’s hunters play team B’s monster in a best of 5?

No, it’s going to be Monster A vs Hunters B and then Monster B vs Hunters A and then repeat that and if it’s 2-2 we’ll flip a coin and the winner of the toss chooses what they want to play

Ok and what about disconnects?

Team name: Illuminati

Monster: akumasrage11
trapper: Blackhorns102792
alternates: roseren, raptures_demise, (possibly) pureray, rektiify

i may have messed up all the little numbers everywhere but yea lol.

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