PS4 Tournament February 6 and 7th (First place prize $150, second place prize $50, third place prize pick a skin of your choice)


February 6 and 7th me and a friend of mine will be hosting a PS4 Evolve tournament. The entire two day event will be broadcasted live at .

The two day event will be duel casted by Space, leader at our Twitch channel, and I. The tournament will consist of 8 teams. The teams are required to register by the 1st of February and can do so by messaging S_a_p_c_e_x5 on PSN. We will message each team their time of play and will be starting early in the morning.

The rules are as follows;

EDIT TO RULE SET: Teams are now allowed to change the comp of a Hunter team or Monster. The change must be told during the scheduled time to discuss team and Monster. No changes from this point on will be allowed. Also to note, the changes must be told before team comp or Monster is decided. Once per game.

Follow these simple rules and be ready to play at your time on the 6th.

The 4 winning teams from the 6th will advance to the finals on the 7th. The teams will face off and the two teams that win their matches will face off in the final match. The victor of this match will win the $150 prize and the loser will win the $50 prize. The two teams that lost will compete for the skin of your choice prize. The victor of this will be awarded the skin of their choice.
We hope to see you there and happy hunting!

[ALL CONSOLES] Quick Shot Tournament

Omagawd, what day is the 6th, I’m to lazy to look.


Saturday, my friend.


I need to participate X_X


Do it! Message Space and get in there!


I don’t know what Sku and Arrow are doing dough :expressionless:


Tell them they’re doing the tournament.


Lol, they usually work on those days.


See if they can get them off. If not, have them work later.


I’ve got an idea… Bring Evolve to work!


If it can work, it must be so.


What does that mean “Shortest monster times chooses fifth match roles”?
So if our monster wins in 3, 11 and 13 minutes and the other monster wins in 4, 5 and 6 minutes, then our monster can pick the side for the tiebreaker?

And what about picks/bans? Do the teams have to tell their lineup before the match like in ESL/battlyfy tournaments? Or is there no pick/ban system at all?


Until I figure out different, you can count
Team Orb-Mor in.


No ban system, but you need to post your line up in the message to Space. And yes, the Monster that wins faster gets to choose.


Ok, but monster and hunters send their picks separately to space, so they don’t know who they are playing against until the match starts?
That would be pretty hunter favored imo, but ok, your tournament, your rules ^^ I’m just glad there’s a tournament at all :smile:


No, I will tell the Monster what the Comp is and the Hunters what the Monster is.


Could you do me a favor? I wont be any where close to my ps4 for a while, could you send Space a message telling him, “Unless something happens, demonhunter1245, Socom-Sku, Arrowking13, and PlayerTamer will be playing in this tournament [Team Orb-Mor]. We still have to find a monster, but we have a month for that. Our combo will be Val Hank Wasteland Maggie or OG Maggie (depending what Tamer says next time I see him) and Torvald.”


Yeah, I’ll get it to him. Don’t worry.


Really hope this works out, we’ve been wanting to do a tournament for a long while.


I hope so as well. I can’t wait to cast this!