Please see the pinned post on our FB Page Evolve PS4 to register your team. Only the Team Leader needs do this, not all team members.

Here is the link.

Tournament rules and details are below.

(This is a work in progress) by CivRules…


What is a tournament?

A tournament consists of several teams (MIN 8) facing off against each other in a knockout format aka Battles.
Each battle consists of two teams facing off against each other in a best of three or five contest. Each team can only consist of 4 players per round, therefore the team member that will play as the Monster must play as a Hunter too. If both teams were to win as Hunters or Monsters, then the team seeded highest has preference at choosing which role they play in the deciding match.

Our Tournaments will be hosted by (Not required just yet)

Any and all FB Members are welcome to join the website, however, it is NOT obligatory. (Except for Team Leaders)

TOURNAMENT PROCESS (Subject to change)

All battles will be played between 6PM -1AM EST. For those not happy with this start signing up, until I get enough positive interest from other teams I will not be creating any more tournaments.

  • Monday - Thursday – Tournament is open for applications. Sign up here
  • Wednesday - Thursday – Team Leaders will be contacted by an Admin/Moderator to confirm their battle slots and their opponents. (Team Leaders please check your messages frequently)
  • Friday – Tournament begins with the quarterfinal battles, best of three
  • Saturday – Tournament resumes with semifinal battles, best of five.
  • Sunday – Tournament resumes with the OVERALL FINAL, best of five.


  • Team must have a Minimum of four (4) human players.
  • Team must have a Team Name. (Nothing Crude)
  • Team must have a Team Leader. (Someone Organised and Responsible)
  • Team Leader must sign up at (Not just yet)
  • Team Leader will provide details of all team members.
  • Team Leader should make sure he has at least one member who can stream.
  • Team must be available to compete at the current designated times shown above. (Battle slots will NOT be altered)

All of the above should be completed before entering a team into any Tournament.

TEAM ROSTERS (Subject to change)

Teams must consist of a minimum of four (4) human players; one of four (4) hunters in each team will be obligated to act as the Monster when alternating roles during battles. Team members cannot change teams during tournaments. We STRONGLY suggest you have several members in your team (6-10members), allowing for those of you/us who have real life responsibilities. For each battle you can ONLY utilise four members of your team, however, you can change personnel at different stages of a Tournament, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final Etc…


When entering a tournament, each team must designate themselves a team name and a team leader. It will be their responsibility to organise his/her team for that corresponding tournament. Admins/Moderators will ONLY contact the team leader. To add, when entering a new tournament the Team Leader will need to provide the PSNID’s of your teammates. Team leaders are essential to the smooth running of any tournament, so please choose wisely.


All tournament battles will use the following settings

Mode: Hunt
Map: Map will alternate per round.
Map Effects: None
Difficulty: Balanced
Fauna & Wildlife: Normal
Round length: 20 Minutes
Reinforcement Time: Default
Strikes: 2
Character Perks: On
Mastery Bonus: Off
Elite Wildlife: On

Settings are subject to change; if that is the case you will be notified before that corresponding tournament begins.

Before the Battle

  • Team Leaders should add each other on PSN.
  • Team leaders will confirm tournament settings.
  • Team Leaders will confirm the PSNID for their respective monsters.
  • Screenshots to be taken to confirm tournament settings.
  • Screenshots to be taken to confirm the result.

During the Battle

  • Each team will create a Private Party Chat.
  • Match 1. Team A (Hunters) will invite Team B’s Monster into their Party Chat. Team B’s Monster will use the in-game chat option but stay in Team A’s Party Chat for the duration of the match.
  • Match 2. Team B (Hunters) will invite Team A’s Monster into their Party Chat. Team A’s Monster will use the in-game chat option but stay in Team B’s Party Chat.
  • Match 3/4/5. Work according to the above process until the battle is over.

After the Battle

  • Team Leaders will post their results here. (Please post all relevant screenshots)
  • Team Leaders ONLY can contact their Moderator if a problem arose.

The use of any cheat is illegal. Players caught cheating will be removed from the tournament immediately. Any battles played with said player will be forfeited or overturned. Cheaters will be removed from the group and banned from entering any further tournaments.

Server Crash
If the server crashes during a battle, the match should be restarted and replayed.

Whilst we encourage as many of our members to stream, too many people streaming live at the same time per team is not smart. Therefore one person each team should be put forward to stream the Hunter phase and Monster phase per round or per tournament. We recommend you alternate between your team members this responsibility so that it’s fair. (Team Leaders have final say.)

Player Disconnections
If a player disconnects for any reason, pause the game. That player, or a substitute player, has 10mins to rejoin or they will forfeit that battle. If this happens more than once notify your Moderator, he/she might decide that this battle needs to be replayed.

Game Abort
If your opponent should deliberately leave the match, you must file a protest. In order to file a protest contact the moderator and state what happened. Take a screenshot or use recorded footage if possible, to make it easier to back up your claim. No fake results will be tolerated and will be considered cheating!

@L1NK @Plaff @michigan_ball @Brandini Can you all pass this on to whomever you feel it necessary to get the word out, many thanks. Link, come the beginning of March I will transfer this across to your website. So far so good, fingers crossed.

PS4 Tournament Winners
I need teammates for the ps tourney Feb 27th to 1st!
LF Casual/Competitive PS4 Players?

Can you actually pause the game on consoles. We saw this same rule and you can’t pause games being played.

Otherwise good luck running the tournament :smile:
Also, with map alternate, does that mean it’s random or how does that work?


For Disconnections i’m not too sure, this is something i’ll try and test out this coming week, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Maps change every round, this keeps each round fresh and new, not allowing people to practice one on one map repeatedly and again keeps it from getting boring.


Who chooses the maps or is it alphabetical for instance?

Just trying to help as the ambiguity could crop up before/during tournament and that can suck :slight_smile: Want this to go well for you guy(s)/gal(s).


I choose, therefore nobody knows what map they will be competing on until game day.


Ah cool. So for instance, Round 1 does everyone use that same 1 map, or is everything random even between teams?


They change per round, not per team.

Quarterfinalists play Orbital Drill
Semifinalists play Dam
Finalists play Fusion Plant


Cool, just wanted to know. After playing a few tournies I tend to clear up rules before it starts :slight_smile: Best of luck with this!


No problem. Try and get involved, it’s heaps fun!.


Looking for assault Prefer MT or CT time, msg back if interested


I am looking for a team. I can be assault. I’m usually monster, but I flexible in whoever. I’m in the CST zone as well.

PSN: Netfreakk


Would you be interested in playing with us?


Great work and good luck with it.

Maybe a Moster Solo one vs teams in future ?


Yea, do you have a team of 3 set already? I can be on later tonight so we can acclimate our play styles.


Yes I play as support, and we have a medic and trapper ready to go. We play from around 10-1 CT


I have to wake up early for work, but I’ll be on around 10pm CST.


Alright i will add you as soon as I get off work


The link to team registration is not working for me, but I was able to join the facebook group. Any other way we can sign up?


Hey I’m an est time zone player looking for a team for this upcoming tournament… confident in any of the roles… hit me up if interested

Psn: reefermadness23


This link takes you to the main group page, as to view the registration page you need to join up first. Once joined just check the pinned post and sig up accordingly.