ps4 theme evolve


Hi all,

Dunno if this is the right place to post but…I was wondering if any of you got the evolve background (theme) from its first release…
I pre-ordered evolve and played it since the release online…
As a present for the early players, evolve released a free background for psn-users who pre-ordered the game

Well i did as i said earlyer but i didnt get the background…
I found out about the present a bit late (about 6 months in) but when i contacted my2k support about it they couldnt help me and said i should contact psn-support…when i did that they couldnt help me and said i should contact my2k again…
So i was wondering if you guys have any ideas for how to get it?
Is there another way to put a nice image as a background/theme?
I really love evolve so i want a ps4 theme of evolve badly xD shame they didnt put it in store tho…
Thanks in advance


Btw here is the theme i was mentioning above…


I want dat theme!


Could be nice if TRS made it available for purchase…


I think @TatzyXY’s girlfriend has this background, they might be able to help on how to get it.


I want this theme, is only for pre order?


I would buy a ps4 just for the theme but unfortunately my pockets are empty sigh


I’m using it right now. Best thing ever. C:





I think it looks beautiful so you can see my frustration since i could have had it but i didn’t :cry:


Bring this to Xbox1 sore


As i’m reading in your reactions on this topic alot of people didn’t know this theme existed…maybe TRS should reconsider bringing it back to the store ;D should i make a suggestion of this in sugestion topics?