PS4 team anyone?


Hello, I’ve been playing Evole for a good while now and I do personally feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at the game. With that being said none of my friends actually have the game and I’m a little tired of playing with random people online. If you’re on PS4 and are interested in playing together just feel free to add me. User name is “Mcbunnypants” and I prefer medic.


I’d love to team up with you.
As for me, I am a Gold hunter and Gold monster, my team will be participating in the tournament that is close named Shear Violence with my team (ORB-MOR).

If I ever need a fourth I will invite you in to be our medic or if we need a extra trapper or something.
My psn: demonhunter1245


Bakedpoptarts I main jack
Silver expert


Hi Mcbunnypants, welcome to the forums.

There’s an evolve ps4 community group you could join if you are looking for players. Here’s the thread for it.

I’ve also changed the category to ‘looking for group’ so it’s easier for others looking for ps4 players to find the thread. :wink:


I’m not home now so if i don’t add you my PSN: this_is_VALHALLA you can add me if i forget.


Add me if you would like. The more the merrier.

PSN: CptBoomBoom


Count me in!
PSN: dell009gaming

I main Trapper/Assault and stream on weekends :smiley_cat:


My psn us the same as on here shoot me a friend request and I’ll accept it once I get home


Hey there

Add me if ya want guys.

I main Medic

Zetrocci is my psn.

I also play a really good Gorgon if you want to practice against one.


psn Danji-dani-

sended some requests. I usualy main support classes, but can do all classes.