PS4 Support and Medic (EU) looking for decent Assault and Trapper for ESL

Hey there, as the title says, me and a friend are looking for an assault and trapper to form an ESL team.

Why we are searching
We already had two guys who played assault and trapper and we were also planning to join the competitive scene together but in the last while we saw them online less and less often and if they were online, there was hardly any motivation to practise.

What you should bring
We would appreciate if you could at least play like 2 hours at 4 days per week and bring the motivation and time to take part in the weekly cups every sunday. If you’re well placed in the leaderboards it’s fine of course but it’s also important that you know how to play your role well (what - as we have seen - many top-leaderboarders still have to learn) and that you fit into the team gameplay and personality wise.

Who we are
As already said, rankings aren’t the most important thing in this game but to give you a clue of who we are:
Medic: Ranked #8 overall, #2 Lazarus and #7 Caira (EU)
Support: #28 overall, #2 Hank and #4 Sunny (EU)
So we know what we’re doing and we already fought very good and high ranked monsters and heard that we’re good.

So everyone who wants to join us, please contact me (PSN: oOGammelforceOo) via PSN or reply to the thread, I’m looking forward to meet you :smile:

Oh and I’m sorry if there are any mistakes but I’m german and… Yeah… my english isn’t perfect :smile:

Hey Gammel :smile:

did your team find a monster yet?
Looking forward to see you in the tourney!

Ah hey Mindoci :smile:

Yeah we’re planning to participate with TheFlo_ID as our monster :smile: we have already been playing together for a long time ^^
Yes, I’m really looking forward to meeting you there too :wink: hope we can sign up soon…

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