PS4 - Still not getting the content I paid for, am I expected to buy the DLC twice!?


I made a similar thread on this topic before HERE, but there have been plenty of cases on the forums and on reddit where other people have the exact same problem.

Unlike literally every other game on the system, Evolve’s DLC is locked to one account on a console, with absolutely no warning on the store or anything about how the DLC might be locked to one 2K account or anything else. This is a problem for people who share a console between different accounts in a family, for example, like how it would be absolutely stupid for a system to require you to buy two copies of Dragon Age just so you and your brother could play it on the same console on different accounts, and instead lets you buy one copy and maintain your save file and other info separately. Now this was annoying when it just referred to the Digital Deluxe preorder skin, but now that the Monster DLC and the Hunter DLC that I’ve already paid for is on it’s way, it’s a good time to bring up this issue again.

Me and everyone else having this problem aren’t even like the people out there complaining about Day 1 DLC. We’re complaining because we bought the DLC and we can’t use it. I’ve tried talking to support numerous times only to be fed different cookie-cutter responses about “we’re aware of this issue and we will let you know when the team has a solution”, and that’s all well and dandy, but I’m still out twenty bucks with nothing to show for it.

And yes, for those not aware, since once I was accused of “breaking the law” in “piracy”, that as long as if you have a PS4 set as your primary console, any other account playing on that PS4 is able to access all of your games and content, as promised in Sony’s own FAQ linked HERE.

When you activate your system, the following features become available … Anyone who uses your PS4™ system can enjoy games and applications you purchase from PlayStation®Store.

I’ve had no issues whether this was preorder DLC or not on any other game I’ve preordered on the system, including AC4 and 5’s preorder bonuses, Destiny’s preorder bonus, Dragon Age’s pre order bonus, and probably more.

So again, are we going to get the content we paid for or what? Will we at least be allowed to transfer the DLC license to the account of our choice given the oversight? Or am I supposed to accept that I actually threw away my money in trying to support the game?


Wow, I didn’t know that the DLC was only linked to one account. If that’s the way it is for the PS4 it’s gotta be the same for my XB. I’ve never noticed since I’m the only one that uses it.

That’s really underhanded of 2K.


I accidentally redeemed the monster expansion pack code on my girlfriends account and now she has savage goliath skin and will get Behemoth for free and she doesn’t even bloody play it.


Yeah, it’s pretty shitty. I could mildly accept it if it only applied to the cosmetic skins, but I’ve received no reassurance that I’ll be able to access the actual gameplay content I paid for from any of the support channels I’ve contacted. I’d be extremely irritated but still accepting of it if they had mentioned in the store or anywhere that the content would be locked to an account. Instead, no warning, no attempt to even try to solve the problem for any of us that tried to contact support, and I can’t help but feel downright cheated of my money.


I asked 2k if there was anything i could do and they just told me the dlc is locked.


Sorry to hear that man. On literally any other game on PS4 that wouldn’t be a problem, but somehow Evolve!


Is there a way to refund it and buy it again so you can link it to your account instead?

That would be annoying as shit but if you’re able to do it, right now it may be your only option since 2K support is [insert many inappropriate words here].


Yeah that’s what I mean by asking them to transfer a license or get a refund or something like that. I’ve tried contacting 2k Support multiple times only for them to give me varying degrees of bullshit in response. I tried Sony support, too, but they referred me back to 2K Support. So go figure.

On PC I once made a similar mistake to @jordan_bates, accidentally redeemed a code on the wrong steam account. Even with Steam’s kind of wishywashy support, I opened a ticket and within a few days had the game transferred to my actual account. A refund probably isn’t possible on console, given how Sony tends to treat digital purchases over PSN. I think this is all on 2K though for locking the DLC like that for no real reason.


This thread seems more important, so:

      That's it. I talked to sony:

“You: Sony says in the advertisement that any content owned by the primary account can be shared to other accounts
Sony: The games yes but not the DLCs, I apologize.
Yes few games and it is upon the games developer.”

Well, I’d like to say a big fuck you, but I’m not sure if this should
go to TRS or Sony. maybe to sony, because they sell one thing (sharing
of the primary account) and they don’t deliver.


On my XB1. I have all the DLC on my xbox, and my roommate (who uses my account info as the ‘home center’ for his) has all of the DLC on his account on his xbox… So maybe this is a PS4 issue?


Yes, it probably is


So this shit still isn’t resolved and still hasn’t even received a nod from anyone as a problem. As someone who’s actually paid for this damn DLC, I’m really really upset by this. I love this game and I wanted to enjoy it. Hell, I even tried looking on the store for the DLC cost on my account just to see if I could stomach paying for it. It’s like half the cost of the game in my region! I’m not paying that twice, no matter how much I loved the game.

Behemoth doesn’t even seem to be on sale. Can’t buy it even if I wanted to.


We really need to drum up enough complaints about this to force 2K to change this. My brothers and I bought the DLC assuming that it would transfer between accounts. If 2K upholds this policy (which, by the way, is the most blatantly unfair money-making scheme I’ve seen in a while), then that could be a serious barrier to players with limited budgets.


I thought I should post this here, it’s not a fix but it’s the most positive thing anyone has said so far. It’s understandable that some might have missed it (stuff gets buried real fast on these here forums) so just posting it below again:

Bit frustrating there is no ETA but at least this is being looked at now.