PS4 Slim Flickering Graphical Glitch


@trsbrock @MajorLeeHyper

On PS4, while playing as slim on apparently any map in online Hunt matches, black and white images that I think look like 0.25 second-long flickering smoke cloud sprites flash and dance all around the screen constantly.

These images have low resolution and appear to exist in the game space for Slim, not just in his UI or HUD as they appear at various and continuously variable distances around the environment.

The images often appear immediately in front of Slim impairing his view and making effective gameplay difficult.

This can occur at any time, but I find it to be worst at match start up on night or dim-lit maps with lightning effects, but this appears on any and possibly every map I’ve played Slim on so far.

Sometimes the effect lasts all match. Sometimes it goes away.

On Refueling Tower with a Storms modifier active (random hunt mod while playing skirmish) this glitch was accompanied by white lines shooting around the screen that look like aliasing errors from all the plants going absolutely bonkers everywhere.

Slim is such an exciting and fun bug to use! :smiley:

But this other bug spoils the party. :dizzy_face:


Thats no bug, thats demons


I have this issue too, mine appears worst when the dropship is around (start, hunters win at end and also when players are returning in the ship) Id be interested to know if this is also a theme with yours too? But yes it is proper annoying


Same here kallumdillon, ans it’s happened in the character selection too, Hank’s cigarette smoke was buggy, flickering squares


Yes, exactly as you described. I forgot about that.


And yes, I also saw this.


Eeep! :scream_cat:


Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ll be looking into it.



Have you tried closing and reopening the application. Please let us know if this corrects it or if it does not. If you could share a picture of video of the issue that would be appreciated. Thanks.


I’ll save the video next time it happens. :wink:


Here is a link to another member’s video of the bug.

The member claims to also use PS4 and the character, map, and bug all match my experience. This particular occurance appears to contain less prevalent smoke cloud textures, bit they are visible flickering around the map at certain points during the video.

I’ll still post my own if and when I am able.