PS4 server connection issues


Is something wrong with the PS4 servers? Over the past few days I have not been able to get in a match without having terrible lag. In game, a notification keeps appearing on the bottom saying “Your gameplay is being affected by our servers”. This is new compared to the usual “Poor network connection, gameplay might be affected” alert that usually pops up. So I’m wondering, is anyone else having connection problems, or is it just me?


What region are you in?


East United States


Same region as me but I’ve never had any issues recently. How long has this been going on?


Since Wednesday this week. Every match I have played since then I have had over 300 ping (the thing underneath your name when you press start)


Lol I know what ping is but thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you had internet problems with any other devices?

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No that’s what’s weird about it. I have been able to play games on my PC and my xbox 360, but not evolve on my PS4.


Then I have no idea really I haven’t experienced any problems :confused:


Darn… Hopefully it gets better sometime this weekend so I can participate in the Hyde challenge. Thanks for the response.


You’re probably just getting put on the wrong servers or something.


Maybe, I just thought it was weird when the alert on the bottom said " trouble connecting with our servers". It was the first time I saw that so I wasn’t sure if they were under maintenance or something.


Ping is quite high.


Test your internet connection via the network settings section of the PS4 dashboard and let us know what you’re getting.

What time of day are you playing in general as well? This affects where you end up because of regional volume. With the small playerbase, you may find yourself getting matchmade with people very far away.

Also, I’m assuming you’re hardlined? Always go hardlined.


software update maybe but yea do the connection test like @Hidefininja said :smile:


So I finally got the chance to play evolve again after a busy weekend and my connection is better! I don’t know what caused it but my ping is normal and everything seems to be working. Thank you everyone who responded to help!