Match 1. 9PM Brian Jackson 's Dark Trigger vs Eric Strasik 's Team Tyrant
Live via & & for Team Dark Trigger & for Team Tyrant

Match 2. 10PM Kyron Pitts Flying Pink Ponies vs Andrew Giles Team Avalanche
Live via for the Flying Pink Ponies & for Team Avalanche.

This Tourney is being hosted by Facebook Group Evolve PS4…

We hope and expect all matches to be streamed live via Twitch.

I will update this shortly with the relevant times for each Match Up…


Will anyone have any YouTube videos of it? I can’t be there for the twitch stream.


I’m not sure, but I am aware that several of them record their footage and keep it stored on their Twitch accounts which is freely available to watch.

They probably have the recorded footage of the Quarterfinals that we hosted last night. I’ll try and gather that info and post it up.


Well, the problem is that I can’t access twitch from work, but I can access YouTube.


is this even a real tournment or yr just doing it for fun


I imagine that it’s a real tournament for fun. :grinning:


I’m sorry, please define REAL, thanks.


Ahhhhh I see, I think Twitch is the go to site for these members. If they’re taking their feeds seriously then they might post them up on YT as well. I’ll find out in due course.


i mean a real tournament or is this you just made and how would a tournment even work in this game its not cod or bf or nothing


So… I can’t re-watch all the matches unfortunately. :frowning: Can anyone tell me if the majority of the games is won by monsters or hunters?


4v1 in a best of three format, teams are seeded to determine preference if the third deciding game is warranted.


It is my hope that once each phase is compete, those who stream will upload their recorded twitch feeds to the relevant places. As of now it’s very much 50/50.


Hm, that suprises me a lot. I would have expect a 70/30 favoring the monsters.