PS4 Round of 16 Tonight!


See here for pinned post, FYI you must join the FB Evolve PS4

Match 1. Flying Pink Ponies (1) vs Orion’s Best (15)
Match 2. Legacy Legends (8) vs Allah Akbar (10)
Match 3. Baker loves the MANN (7) vs The Straw Hat Pirates (13)
Match 4. AFRLGO (2) vs BioGenesis (12)
Match 5. Team Tyrant (3) vs Road Warriors (11)
Match 6. Humanity (6) vs Wolfpack (14)
Match 7. Remember the Sword (5) vs Devolve (16)
Match 8. Beyond Evolution (9) vs Team Avalanche (4)

I’ll update this with the times and twitch feeds once the relative Team Leaders respond.

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FPP FPP FPP crowd roars


They’re seeded #1 for a reason! :smile:

Wooooo!! Best of luck to all, may the odds forever be in your favor…

Loving the Hunger Games quote Lol

Remember the Sword will not be able to compete tonight due to scheduling conflicts (congrats Devolve). BUT if anyone knocked out in round 1 wants to take us on Saturday for a no-stakes, but highly-competitive match, add reincarN8ed_Mk2.

Good luck to everyone tonight, may the best team win.

Apologies to all , for not updating the OP with the times and twitch feeds.