PS4 Ranks - Yay Math

Decided to spend my time during Monster queue productively and counted how many ranked players there are and how they stack against each other. The list will include the number of players in a rank and that rank’s percentile - meaning you’re in the top X% of players. Keep in mind that that’s the minimum - for example, not every player in Bronze Elite is in the 93rd percentile, it just means you’re at least in the 93rd, but you could go all the way to 52nd (the point where Bronze Destroyer starts). Also keep in mind that these will change constantly. They were accurate at the time of counting, but they’re probably not 100% accurate now.

Total Ranked Hunters: 12,350

Bronze Skilled: 0 - 100%
Bronze Expert: 18 - 100%
Bronze Master: 834 - 99.85%
Bronze Elite: 5,098 - 93.10%
Bronze Destroyer: 4,179 - 51.82%

Silver Skilled: 1,616 - 17.98%
Silver Expert: 355 - 4.90%
Silver Master: 127 - 2.02%
Silver Elite: 67 - 1.00%
Silver Destroyer: 22 - 0.45%

Gold Skilled: 27 - 0.28%
Gold Expert: 1 - 0.06%
Gold Master: 2 - .05%
Gold Elite: 0 - .03%
Gold Destroyer: 4 - .03%

Total Ranked Monsters: 3,427

Bronze Skilled: 0 - 100%
Bronze Expert: 31 - 100%
Bronze Master: 302 - 99.10%
Bronze Elite: 459 - 90.37%
Bronze Destroyer: 495 - 77.10%

Silver Skilled: 872 - 62.79%
Silver Expert: 743 - 37.58%
Silver Master: 367 - 16.10%
Silver Elite: 108 - 5.49%
Silver Destroyer: 47 - 2.37%

Gold Skilled: 32 - 1.01%
Gold Expert: 3 - .87%
Gold Master: 0 - 0%
Gold Elite: 0 - 0%
Gold Destroyer: 0 - 0%

Interesting that while there’s so many more Hunters, there’s a larger concentration of higher-ranked Monster players. Also worthy of note is that almost 90% of Hunter players are between Bronze Elite and Silver Skilled, only 3 of the 15 possible ranks.

To see where you stack up:
(Total population - players below you) ÷ total population
So if you’re #8 in Silver Skilled for Monsters, you do (3,427 - 2,151) ÷ 3,427 to get you 37th percentile, meaning top 37% of Monsters.


Very interesting.
More than 80% of the hunters are Bronze. So it’s no surprise that I rarely find silver/gold hunters to play against (if I can find a game at all).

PS4, right?

Yeah, this is just PS4.

Bumpity in case people missed it.

Can you explain this a little bit better I’m confused by what those numbers are supposed to represent

This does explain why I’m getting ranked with bronze hunters and silver monsters. Fucking A for this dude!

If you’re Silver Skilled, you’re in the top 18% of Hunters. A lower percentage means you’re a better player, as far as the ranks are concerned.

You can be anywhere from that percentile to the next. Silver Expert is top 5%, so if you’re Silver Skilled you’re between top 18% and top 5% depending on your placement within your rank within your tier. Does that clear it up?

Ok and are the other numbers the total number of players

I know this is off-topic but does anyone want to play Evolve on Ps4 right now with me? A full team would be nice

Whooo! I’m in the top 5% of hunters apparently.

But I’m only in the top 30% of monsters.

Scrub status confirmed.

GJ, Skorge.

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The number next to the percent is the number of players in the tier. The total number of ranked Hunters and Monsters are at the top of their respective sections.

Not bad at all, @Hidefininja!