PS4 preload


Ok so Evolve is less than 2 days away and PS4 users still can’t preload, not all of us have good connection and can download it fast, so why do PC and Xbox users get to preload like 5-10 days before release and we still can’t??


PC got it yesterday (or 2 days ago?). Just be a bit more patient


It should start today or tonight/tomorrow morning. From what I recall most of the games I have preordered thru the psn service has preloaded a day before it released. This is just my experienced and what I have noticed over time with the 4 games I have preorded the past year.


I’ve been patient, I’m just a little disappointed that I won’t be able to play it on tuesday due to crappy connection, wish the preload had started sooner.


PS4 Pre-Load has begun, and many users have finished already! We also have multiple threads pertaining to the same subject. I suggest getting a Mod to help out if you’re done here- @Plaff- like so.


It has ONLY begun for the US! Most of the people are still wating. It is 14 hours to release here and NO preload.