PS4 players with mics?


I’m looking for a group that plays ps4 with mics.
my psn is xino_zero
I can play just about any character



Always good to play with a co-ordinated team, fed up of pugs.


LosSalvatierras I need a team


same here :3


If your ps4 your welcome on mine


I’m for it. I prefer medic but willing to do any role if necessary.


Vulpus8 here, happy to play with MIC prefer trapper or medic but really I am down with any role :slight_smile:


Anyone can add me Taboe4. My buddy and I are tired of joining games where players are completely useless and ruin the experience.


add me as well? xino_zero




Finally got a mic so others add :smile:

Psn: kallumdillon


xino_zero :smiley:


have a mic. anyone can add me


prefer trapper but will do any position


Add me moneybound502


Add moneybound502


Add moneybound502


I did -_-
and your name is spelled wrong.


If you need a monster to play against, add Grayson_Solus. I play a mean trapper and to some extent healer as well.


I almost have a complete team but I’m always willing to play with others, psn is Gaboman8991. I play anything pretty well, but especially Trapper. Ill play monster against any team and my team can help a monster practice. Add me and ill play