Ps4 Player looking for a clan/community


Lets make this clear. I am not looking for ps4 names. I am not looking for single players who are looking for a clan. I am not looking for you to tell me to look on gridom.

Looking for Other Players? Check here first! - Everyone can see this.

Now that we have that understood. I am looking for a clan/community to play with. Fairly good support main who also plays hunter. Add KingNotix if you are interested in having me.



Flagged. No one cares. Move along.


Flagged again, gl with the ban.


Please stop being toxic he is only trying to help


I’ll say that Vindel is in the wrong. If the OP wants to find players outside of Gridom, that is his choice. I will also offer to let them add me on PSN as I frequently have 30+ people online and a couple of groups I frequently play with. While not so much a “clan”, it helps you to meet other people who are pretty good and develop good people to play with. The problem with clans in this game is that the parties are so small, you can’t ever get any big groups together to play. If you’re interested, my PSN is Brandan92. P.S. I have no shortage of people to play with thanks to these forums. A lot of my older PSN friends don’t play Evolve and I mainly run with people I met and added on here


( stalmani4)Who are you talking to? Did you even read what was said here? This is why the forums are going to shit.

Assuming you are backing up the troll. He was not trying to help. Obviously if anything was read you would see the logical assumption is that he is trying to get a rise out of people when they asked him not to do something.

KingNotix: " I am not looking for you to tell me to look on gridom."

Moderators need to stop this or people will stop wanting to come here to post any sort of thing.

Thank you to a degree Brandini. I really wish that it would be pushed to start community channels linked with these forums. I have plenty of random people that I have added who I can play with. I am consistently looking for people who want to continue to play together under a name. I have seen clans form under around much less consistent games then this. I think the majority of reason people do not do it is because we lack a community. There is no glorious loot cave moments. There is no reason to consistently use a LFG system.


Well sometimes it’s the only answer

Edit: I revoke that comment because this is not the apropiate thread my apologies


vindelisal you are going off-topic and spamming irellevent things. Please go away.


OP, come check us out. over 900+ members. I’m the creator and head admin. People post daily. Come look see and if it’s not your thing you’re welcome to leave :smile:


I, unlike most people, don’t particularly mind you and your (sometime trolling) posts. Gives me a good laugh sometimes. But let’s stay away from directly insulting people please.


I could call you every name under the sun but I won’t, but IF I ever met you, I promise you, you would run for the hills.


Leave for the day and so much happens. xD Anyways I am already on your fb page I believe. Really I have not shortage of people to play with. The main issue I have is having serious people who want to learn advance team tactics. A consistent team.


If you’re gonna take it serious i’ll be announcing the League details tomorrow. League starts on the 9th of March and we’ll end with a Monthly Tournament. If that interests you, then I suggest you organise yourself a capable squad.