[PS4] Patch crashing system


System - PS4
Monster - Kraken
Reproduce - possible water enviroment levels.

Since patch the game does nothing but crash on certain maps, from what i can tell it is when you have water or rain near by which triggers a flicking effect around kraken and soon after the framerates go to slideshow speed and the game freezes, then the ps4 locks up and you have to restart from plug socket.

Never done this in all the 100’s of hours on the game. Patch is the issue, please fix and look into it ASAP, leaving mid game is a nusisance for me and everyone else playing.

It’s almost unplayable for me, because most maps are doing it, i’ve reinstalled patch to no avail.
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[ PS4 Freeze + Video ] - Behemoth

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We haven’t encountered this but we will looking into it. Thanks for all the info as well helps a lot.


Next time this happens would it be possible for you to get a screenshot or a video, as this would greatly helps us to narrow down this issue much faster. I also would like to recommend holding the down the PS4’s power button (for 15+ seconds) until it powers off, instead of yanking the power cord out of the socket as this has a chance to damage some of the games data, thus causing more issues to happen.
Have you played any other graphically intensive games since this issue started occurring, and if so were they crashing? If other games aren’t crashing, then you might want to try to reinstalling the game and then the patch to see if that fixes the issue. Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention.


Im starting to hate this awesome game because of this. I can still back out but i need to close the application and restart. There is a shit ton of problems that I didnt have when I got the game a few week ago. Considering I payed full price for a multiplayer based game is annoying when it takes me 15 minutes to play half a game.


i can confirm these crashes, although it is “only” freezing the application - still closeable through the PS4 menu. Definitely occuring since the patch!

Next to these freezes, some graphical issues are present too after patching. In the character selection screen several dynamic effects are not displayed. Hanks smoke frome the cigar or the electrical bursts from Markov. It only shows black squares as if the linked file is missing … can anyone confirm this? I can attach some pictures if needed.


I encountered this as well today. No rain effects. I was on a custom defend game with a few other people on Kings Fort. Whole game froze. Couldn’t close the application. Couldn’t shut down the PS4. Had to pull the plug.


I too have noticed a crashing bug since the new patch. Usually the application closes on it’s own and asks me to submit the problem, but this last time I had to pull the plug, because pressing the PS button brought up the option to close the game, but it still wouldn’t close and I was unable to shut down the system in a safe way, having to pull the plug. I get the same crash every time I play the same map/mode, so here goes:

Winning the Orbital Drill map as hunters during Evacuation causes the orbital drill to fire on the monster in the next map. Every map I pick after the drill will cause the game to crash. I’ve had this happen to me in 4 different plays with this combination, every crash the same up until this last one, which was much worse. I’ve been dealing with it as I go, avoiding Orbital Drill when I can, but this last one it was the first map, so I thought I’d stick it out to see if it would be ok…and it wasn’t.

I play offline for the most part right now, has anyone encountered this during online play? Thanks @FernArt or anyone else for looking into this.


I submitted the auto-crash video when it freezes to dashboard that sony provides, can you not get access to these?
The problem is the DVR which would be initiated from the user will stop working as we have to end game or restart console, so it won’t record manually unfortuanetly. @Melo

But still getting issues, i’ve had to almost quit for now, :frowning: