PS4 party up?


Was wondering if any one is looking for people to party up with since solo hunt is a nightmare. ( I mostly play medic)
If interested add me Ground_Zero_Z18 please include a message saying you are from the forums. Thank you

Good Assault/Trapper Looking For A Group On PS4

I’ve changed the category to ‘looking for group’ so people who are looking for other ps4 players can find this thread easier.

Take a look at this thread. It might prove somewhat useful. :slightly_smiling:


Ah apologies I was trying to find the correct category but must of missed it.


No problem. :wink:


The ps4 community is a great place to find people but it’s also quiet during some parts of the day so you might want to look in reddit. Between here and there there are plenty of people on.


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Add me!



Add me on psn bigbossblue