ps4 or x box one?


So I now own both a ps4 and x box one, but my dilemma is now what console do I buy games on when they are cross platform releases? i.e Evolve, gta, shadow of mordor etc. Btw im not at all interested about how you own a pc that is far superior :slight_smile:


whatever ur friends play it on…unless u are a 1080p junkie. then go ps4



Ok all seriousness now.First of all its which controller you like the most.I’ve been playing PS1-PS2-PS3 all my life so i cant even touch the xbox controller.After that there are many games that ps4 runs it on 1080p and xbox on 720p.So get it at ps4 if the one is 1080p and the other 720p.But the 2 things that mostly counts are friends and controller


I agree with @kyronr600. I would own both systems if it weren’t for having the majority of my friends having the One


If I had to make the decision, it would be based on whichever console had the most friends on it who were going to play the games I want to play.


PC Master Race. But, I’m a former peasant so, I use a 360 controller.


I’m PS4. My first game system was a PS2 and the PS4 controller just feels better in my hands than the XBox 1 controller. I also wanted to play The Last of Us Remastered. :wink:




I’d say it depends on hand size if you have normal/big hands get games on the xbox if you have dwarf hands get games in the ps4 as playing using the ps4 controller is like shaking hands with a chicken…


I agree to an extent, but I still think the PS4 controller is solid. The Xbox One controller is heavier though, so I like it. Will probably end up buying one eventually to replace my 360 controller that I use for PC.

For which one you should get, as others have said, go with the one your friends are getting. Otherwise, check out exclusives and see what you’re looking forward to. I got a PS4 for Kingdom Hearts 3.


This. Go where your friends are.


Funnily enough I dont have a lot of friends online!? Im not a social recluse, just dont game with a lot of people hopefully that will change when evolve is released! I guess I play alot more single player games.
I must say the ps4 graphics look amazing and even infamous being only game I have had a chance to play looks beautiful!


Well, you can make some friends here. :smile:


I’m not joking. :wink:


All my friends are on PC. :wink: I just don’t want all my friends to know when I play a game everytime I log onto Steam.


That’s why PC is good. Everyone has it and is easy to use…


Except for the console exclusives. Stupid AC Rouge. Good thing I have a PS3. :slight_smile:


Oh yeah… Wish we had some PC exclusives too… All goes for money. Thanks god Evolve is coming on PC.


PC for power, Xbox for halo


Yes! 4K :smile: