PS4 - No Option to Re-Download Season Pass


I got on my other PS4 which has my account set to primary and was going to download the season pass and skin I bought, but there is no option to download them.

All it says is “You Purchased This Product”, so I went to the PSN Store website and clicked download list and it doesn’t even show it there, had to click through the add on menu and it still said the same thing.

Anyone else dealing with this? Is it one of those “only works on one account” deals?


I believe I read another thread similar, have you tried contacting Sony customer service?


Probably. In a similar thread 2K says that ONLY ONE ACCOUNT on PS4 can use preorder bonuses:

[quote=“DB_Sinclair, post:8, topic:33416, full:true”]
Pre-oreder bonuses are tied to accounts, they will not carry over from one account to another. [/quote]


Dang so even the content you buy only works on one account? Sucks when you got multiple people in the house that want to play with the content, guess they don’t like people sharing dlc.


Well you either tie it to the console, or the account. Either way someone will not be happy about it.