PS4 Network error, anyone els


I cannot go into MP today does anyone have the same issue ? My Network and PSN is Fine, Evolve Starts then signs me in but when I go in Multiplayer it comes straight with a network error. Funny thing is that when I check my profile before selecting MP i can See the ranking List and so, when I then go to MP and I get the network error I cannot check the ranking Liste anymore.


I got the exact same issue, just made the same complaint on the board


I’ve got the same issue, I tried rebooting but didn’t help at all


I’ve had the same problem for two weeks. I’m roaring to say the least


Same issue here I have logged it as a ticketmultiplayer.


Same issue here.


BT Broadband

37.1 MB up

5.9 MB Down

NAt type 2 from the PS4

It’s working now but wasn’t before. I tried a full reinstall and not even that fixed the game


Any updates on this matter? I have the same issue.