[PS4] Need Help With Sprocket Button Layout (UI weird?)

Hello everyone,

so, I’m new to this game, and only have played 2 other shooters on a console before. I pretty much instantly switched to sprocket button layout (you know, the only one that leaves my right thumb alive, when I want to jump and look/shoot around at the same time) but then found the UI being kinda weird. Which might be just me.

The thing is, on the UI (the thing on the screen on the lower right corner), having selected aforementioned sprocket layout, the left item is mapped to circle, the top item to square, the right item to R1, and finally the bottom to triangle. I would have attached an image, believe me, but “Sorry, new users can not upload images.” :scream:

OK, now that I dealt with that. Looking down to my controller I’m holding in my hands, what do I see? Well, you all know that, I’m sure, but just for clarification: left button is “square”, top button is “triangle”, right button is “circle”, and bottom button is “cross”.

I don’t know about you guys, but that makes my brain go “WTF?!”. Every time I play a new character I’m not familiar with, or go back to one I have some hours under my belt, I always hit the wrong button, because whenever I see the left item I want to use on the UI I press SQUARE and not CIRCLE. :unamused:

As you all are very aware of the deadly circumstances regarding Evolve, this has lead me to my demise more often that I could possibly bear to count.

So, I guess my question is this: Is there a f*cking way to fix this?! :confounded:


Try not to think in up, down, left and right, but rather in primary and secondary weapon (square and triangle), class ability (R1) and special ability (circle). That might help you, as it helped me.

Sorry, that’s the only way.

I think I tried that, but playing with Val got me confused completely. Her tranquilizer gun is mapped to CIRCLE and for me, that thing is a secondary weapon. But now (according to your and my thinking) her med-gun is considered her secondary weapon? I’m really having a hard time with this.

I really appreciate your reply. Makes me feel less dumb :laughing:. Thanks.

The primary weapon always deals damage on all classes.

The secondary weapon is dependent on the class

  • healing (as any medic except slim)
  • stasis and harpoons (as any trapper) – Jack’s repulsor will be his secondary, too (see? I already know what button to press before he’s even out lol)
  • main support utility (as any support)
  • long range weapon (as any assault)

And finally the special ability (circle) is special for every character

That is extremely helpful. My lack of experience shows. Thanks! \o/
FYI: Haven’t unlocked all characters yet. See? I’m not shy making excuses :joy:

It also took me a while to figure out the button layout. But now that I got used to it, I just laugh at people who can’t jetpack and aim at the same time with their standard layout :grin:

Actually, THAT makes me cry. I heavily depend on my team mates :sob:! If I were a better player, I surely would pick Markov (I LOVE that guy :joy:) and deal with this alone, mano a monstro!