PS4 Multiplayer Error

Yea… I keep getting an error that says, “An error has occurred, please check your network connectivity.” My internet is fine, I’ve called the provider and they say nothing is wrong with my internet, switched routers, restarted the system, tried a new PSN, new 2K account, nothing fixes it. Thanks.

It’s down atm

PSN is currently having issues:

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For future reference, if you want to check if the issue is on your or PSN’s end, check to see if playstation loads the info under the games (who’s played it last, addons, etc). If that isn’t loading, the issue is one of the aforementioned. Next, check if internet browser works on your laptop/PC/smartphone. If this works, the issue is PSN.

If the game info loads, and you can see the recent news on your friends/self, but this loop exists, the issue is with TRS’s servers.

Alternatively, save the link above that @LosSalvatierras posted, and you can rule out PSN issues (though be aware, the issue may have just happened, and may not have been updated on there yet).