PS4 Monster looking to scrim a team to get experience


Hey, I’m a PS4 monster and I want to get into competitive (maybe), because pubstomping the shit out of casuals is getting boring.

My only experience is in public games, so if you’re a new team, don’t be afraid or something.

If you’re an experienced team, I would really appreciate it if you’d scrim me. I want to get a taste of what the real competitive world is like.

My psn : « Venymo_ »

I play Wraith too. Not a lot of teams practice against her. Can be a good thing.

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once you face a high lvl silver hunter team its a real eye opener , its like night and day from pubs .


Yes, and I see no difference. I want to fight a team that communicates, that works together because they want to get into competitive too.