PS4 Mic issues


So I have been playing Evolve since launch on PS4, and I have run into a mic issue. I know a few others have run into this issue also. This game seems to amplify your voice on in-game chat no matter how low your headset is. It makes it so loud I cannot make out other players because their voice gets jumbled and feedback is terrible. I thought it was just one or two people, but I have run into this problem with everyone so far. While talking to a couple others in game I found out they have that problem too. I haven’t seen anything on the forums or on Google about this issue yet. I have submitted a help ticket. I am just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem, and if anyone knows of a fix!

I think Evolve would be better without Elder Kraken

This is a HUGE problem for PS4 users, it really needs to be fixed

the only workaround for it is to use party-chat instead of in-game-chat, BUT it’s impossible to make friends in the game with the chat broken, so what we’ve got could be the best team game ever BUT the chat problem is ruining it.


yeah the mic voice in the game is bad just invite them to a arty or something


Any update @LadieAuPair


Prob not in the next update, but it is something our network team is looking to tackle in the future.


awwww, ok thanks