PS4 - Matchmaking Slow and broken


The matchmaking for the ps4 is terrible.
After being on pc getting games almost all the time, the ps4 version is something to be desired.

Picking monster results usually in maybe 1/10 games, if you don’t get the monster you will amost certainly get a hunter class at the bottom of your preferences.
Then you have to in some cases, join games in progress where the monster is stage 3 and you are expected to take over a bot class you don’t like… and exit, then you are punished for 1 minute for leaving.

If that’s not happening, you’ll sit “searching for players” and eventually get some people and repeat above for 9 games.

It needs looking into as a matter of urgency really.
Just annoying, i don’t want to play medic - why is it giving it me, why are we having to join games in progress, i am sure there are 100’s of players in the pool now.

I read posts like this Love the game but i want to play medic -.- who can’t play his medic, it just seems really bizarre.

C’mon TRS - you are awesome, but this is not cool.
I should of stuck to the pc version but bad back stops me from sitting to long on a pc desk.
Please fix.

Mid Game Joining and Why I Am Tired of It
Seriously; I HATE the Matchmaking

I honestly think you need to be patient here. You are playing VERY early in release on what is, arguably, the least publicized platform. (XB1 got tons of love, and PC has tons of players thanks to mediums such as Steam). By the end of the week/weekend you will be swimming in awesome short-queue goodness!


Maybe, but i can only hope.
Ok, today is the official launch i guess so i will cut some slack and be fair.

But it will need some love as it’s not working atm, it is very off putting @VonHenry


When a games is this hyped and, hopefully, loved it is understandable that people get a little out of whack. Trust me, 20 years ago, I’d have been right there with you. Even PC players are complaining about matchmaking. But once more people get into the pool.

Be well @Symonator and enjoy the game (I bet it is gorgeous on PS4!)


MAtchmaking still slow.
Figured out though, stay in a lobby if you get hunter and you become monster for about 3-4 games then it swaps you out.
So you can leave at that point (if you not a fan of hunter).

But normal pick monster, just doesn’t seem to work for most of the time.


played for 16 hours straight. the matchmaking works fine for me. maybe its your area/connection? not sure. im in cali


matchmaking seems ok atm.
Bit slow but getting monster now.


I played fine with my friends online together, its probably your internet sir


your best bet is to stay in 1 match as a hunter and usually you will be next in line to be the monster. at least for me it has been.


I too have had the problems discussed in this thread for the PS4. I got the game on launch night and matchmaking was great. The few times I played at night after work it was great. I’ve made myself top 100 Goliath and enjoy it very much so. I like playing as medic or support if it throws me to them, that’s fine with me, that’s how the game works. I understand you can’t get your pick every game and that’s fine as I enjoy both sides. Since making it higher on the leaderboards, I’ve wanted to strive to stay that high as a personal goal. So I’ve been playing around 9-12am EST or late after work from 11-1am. These times have been the worst. I guess maybe it’s because they aren’t peak hours? Even though they aren’t abnormal either. The game is extremely unenjoyable at these times. I enter the matchmaking and 9/10 im thrown into a game taking over a bot with a stage 3 monster. Im fine with being whatever class, but when you strip me the chance to pick which medic I want to play as based on the map or monster, and then take away the chance to pick a suiting perk for that said character, I’m left in arena with non communicating players getting bashed by the monster, 1 or 2 still might be bots at this point. 2 minutes of agony later the match is over and I take a loss. There is no possible way to even think about grabbing a win. I don’t mind losing, when I had the whole match to lose with my team. I HATE losing when I’m randomly thrown into a squabble with no hope at all. It’s frustrating and not worth the time or money I try and put in to have fun and be one of the better players. I’ve tried rebooting the game which is hard copy. I’ve tried backing out etc. It doesn’t matter. The matchmaking just does this consistently from day to day to day.


It seems the matchmaking is not working today (tue 17th) on ps4.
Forever searching, i have a feeling it’s because of my level? maybe not enough people at 35-40?
I’ve found 2 games, and was put on hunter team who were all dead apart from the medic and he was killed aswell.
Game over.

Anyone else having problems, pointing out trying to find game as monster.


Are you on XboxOne?I don’t know but maybe it’s due the Lizard Attack.




Yea I am still having this problem down at 27. Not enough higher levels on when it’s not peak hours I guess. Not once do I get thrown into a lobby where I can chose my character or perk. I just get thrown into bot games where the monster is level 3 and then boom free loss. I only seem to get good games from 4-10 EST time. Anything else im suffering through what I described above.