PS4 Mastery/Progression Balance Changes

Can you please remember to include this on the 31st with the rest of the things. So far every platform except PS4 has it and I’m just waiting for it to finish getting my monsters elite. (I already have all hunters and Goliath done just need Kraken and Wraith) Please don’t forget it.

What changes are/were made?

The mastery objectives were lowered on PC and X1. For example Wraith currently needs 225 abductions from teammates for it’s third star on PS4. On PC and X1 it’s currently 83 which was done after the patches they received. We have yet to receive this change since we haven’t gotten a patch.

Wow. So, for example, if I have 84 in Wraith Abductions before the patch, will it automatically be completed once the patch is live?

Yup which is why I’m currently putting Wraith and Kraken on hold. I don’t wanna work harder than I have to for something that’s gonna be lowered and I don’t know all the new numbers either.

Awesome! Thanks for the info, I’ll probably keep working on Eliting my Monsters but I’ll take it easier until the patch is live and put more focus on my Hunters in the meantime.

No problem and that’s assuming they don’t forget to include it. I really hope they don’t so I can finish Wraith and Kraken to get my platinum trophy.

I hear that :trophy:

Were there ever any details released as to what the changes were exactly? I just remember the patch notes being super vague like, “various changes to progression” or whatever.

Not to my knowledge I searched infinitely for the new numbers on the forums and everything but could not find a new guide for the masteries. I might make one myself after they patch the PS4.

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Yeah, I would’ve thought some Reddit breakdown would exist by now. I’d sure appreciated a detailed list. Especially since I play on PS4 as well and don’t know what the exact changes are.

@MacMan Can you confirm that these changes are going to be in the patch for PS4?

Yeah, PS4 will be caught up with the 31st patch.


Thanks appreciate the response. I love the attention you guys give to your community it’s something more companies should do :smile:

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