PS4 looking to make a pro team


I play on ps4 looking to make a team and try our luck going pro . I main assault but can play any role if need be. Add me up on ps4 if your interested. Also please send a message as well so I know the reason why I’m being added .
PSN: Noisy_Boy-99


I play every class (Was Gold, then I got disconnected)

PSN: demonhunter1245


Alright added you hope we can play sometime soon


I play on PS4 as well. Add me we can party up. Dreamt_Paradise


I’ll definitely add you when I get the chance


Same as my name on here Haiku-Hitman. I can play any class if necessary so no worries.


I can handle your trapper/ medic
psn CBRluv


Trapper here, really improving my game, almost top 15 trappers using wasteland Maggie, but keep getting let down by bad team mates! Add me guys, would be great to get a good team together. PSN- zuperfly1


I will add you once I get the chance ! so we can start doing some practice games and gather the team together


I will add once I’m able to ! cant wait to get a team together hopefully we still got time/room to join up in a tournament


between Torvald_Stavig and Dreamt Paradise you would have one hell of a team.
You can add me if you like. It’s my username here.

I’m a good medic and trapper.


We are playing every evening at the moment we are two up to three people. We are Silver Experts with over 1000h playtime.


Hey if you catch me at night and I’m not in a party already I will co.e play with you. Sorry I ignored the last few.


No Problem. I know sometimes you have a group already, for us its the same. So no worries. We just need more players in the friendlist that we have more options to get a group of four.


out of everyone I added on ps4 being @CptBoomBoom @cbrluv @Haiku-Hitman @TatzyXY @Zuperfly1 @Dreamt_Paradise who out of the group wants to make a team for the up coming community tourney ? if so plz message me so we can start figuring out rolls and practicing together


I’m up for it. Can basically practice whenever.


if you are looking for more playerrs; psn Danji-dani-
I main support/trapper but can also medic Val.

Currently playing some pc evolve also, becaus I could not find regular team on ps4…


I can play everything except assault. I am also a good support (except Cabot), i can also play well with lazarus.
I have maxed out OG Maggie, Lazarus, OG Hank, Wraith, and Griffin.


@ToiletWraith @Buckets_Sentry_Gun @TheMountainThatRoars @SledgePainter @niaccurshi
Don’t think this is a needed rez


Check out this topic :slight_smile: