(PS4) Looking for Monster mains to do some customs every now and then (PS4)


I´m looking explicitly for monster mains on PS4. I love to play ranked, but especially after the latest patch it´s awesome to group up in a custom match and practice from time to time! Not like 10 games in a row and the whole evening but from time to time… We are mostly silver master, some are silver expert hunters and we fight everything what comes along. So if you like to practice your monster game, try out new builds, get some constructive feedback or you are just fed up waiting in ranked, give me a shout! Write me a message on the forum or send a friend request. My PSN is “Call_my_Mummy”. Looking foward playing with you!


Lord knows I need the practice…


You know I am always up to play against you guys. Even if I’m not on, send me a message because my phone will notify me. If I don’t answer you can assume I am asleep lol


I got wrecked hard today… Wasteland Maggie, Hank and Parnell with Laz. Was embarrassing. Lost like 20 or so points.


I fucking hate Laz. Which monster?


First as Behemoth and second as Goliath.


Well, I can give you some in-depth advice for those two, but I don’t want to spam Mummy’s thread. One thing I will say, though, is to just FT3. Seriously, against a good team with Laz you have to do it. If they don’t like that, then they shouldn’t pick Laz.


There Laz was trash. Maggie was mediocre and super predictable, but the problem was Hank and Parnell. They were perfectly on point. I couldn’t get either down or get them off me all game.

Hanks shielding was perfect ever time. And Parnell just refused to go away.


I need some practice would love to.


I’m down I play mostly Goliath and behemoth


Ok. I need to learn. But I have a question. HOW DO I EVEN ADD PEOPLE ON PSN? xD


From the ‘function’ screen go to friends. Put their PS name into the search bar and click on whichever person you are wanting to add and select ‘send friend request’ from the profile screen. :slight_smile:


ok. THX m8


Well, once the next TU hits and I start getting myself back into Evolve, I plan on putting a bit more time and effort into learning the monsters. If you’re looking for a mediocre monster then by all means, let me know. xP


Missed this or would have said something. Me_Anwaclan_tk is the user, add me. I would be more than happy to play almost any monster for you guys in customs as long as I host. Unfortunately I live in Aus so you guys would have to suffer with 200ms against me (USA connection is better) but should only be a small delay for hunters, kind of get used to shielding half a second earlier. Once you get over 280ms+ I find it affects the player a lot more and as monster lagg at 250ms+ really screws you.


I play monster and hunter.
But this is monster so this is my preferences:
Wraith(Elite if wanting a challenge)
some Behemoth
and recently Goliath(OG)
EDIT: PSN: Lavadrag0n2k


This may sounds crazy but I’m actually a good behemoth and wraith if you ever wanted to set some scrims up.

Id play more monster, but quick play is too easy, and 2.0 can be a challenge to find games sometimes so I rarely get the opportunity to stream it in a intense match set up!

Let me know, that’s open to anyone!!!


Pfft that does sound crazy Jayrob :wink: