Ps4 Looking for Hunter players for Community tournament this weekend

We have a monster , and Assault . Fee free to message me if you are sure that you can play .

PSNid: JA_P05

Hello Finn, I’m sure to play this Saturday. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find enough people in time to have a few practice games with before this Saturday if I were to make a team, so if you don’t have a medic or monster I’ll be able to fill that in. Also I may just know someone else that can also do Support.

You have me added already. Psn: Pureray-

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i sent you a pm , thank you for responding !

I is the monster pure, take a backseat

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Lol, what a surprise. ok :smile:

nice , so we only need 2 more

@blackhorns101291 Join us! :abe: :trapper:

:wraith: :kraken_stare: :goliath_roar: :daisy: so neat :medic: :monster:

Buuutt bmw, no pure no!!!

I’m pretty badass with both Maggie and Sunny. If you need either a support or trapper, I can fill a spot. If you want to play with me and see how I do, my PSN is BigMoNsTeR6277. Just send me a message or something so I know who you are and don’t ignore you

This is for the community tourney, he won’t be on this team lol