Ps4 looking for group(EVOLVE)


PSN : Xx-_-Skrillex


This threads will do some good to help you!


Psn thacamstar LFG to play evolve


add me unknow234


Add me at duckface5000 I need help with sumthin


elite286 add me looking for a group of hunters. with voice communication :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I’m looking for some kind of competitive play. I main monster and trapper, and it would be cool to be a part of a team. I’m on PS4, DR_DlAPER and that’s a lower case L instead of an i :smiley:


Add me i mainly play monster MajorRex456


Add me, this game is awesome!!! PSN: coen426. I have mic!


Hey new to evolve looking for a team to play with. Mature with a mic here. Add nasty-nas6955 (psn) will be on today after 3 pm


Of you have a mic and can play trapper fairly well add me


Nh_xenomorph. My friends list is becoming half evolve players. I want to be able to play almost with anyone everyday. Hit me up for invites. I alternate between hunter and monster every week or so.


PSN: Twothumbstony. I’m a hardcore TRAPPER with maxed masteries on Maggie as well as Crow. I’m currently ranked 12 globally with Crow. Wanting to join a group that is as hardcore as I am :wink: Thanks.


im game hit me up

psn: kaot1cuco


PS4 Level 20 Support Preffered. Trapper back up. Sunny for Support or Crow for Trapper. Im not saying im the best but Im much better then most of the players im teamed with. Send Friend Request to TorgoNudho-


add me im lvl 36 and looking for more active evolve players on PS4
PSN ID: jasenrhodes


Looking for other team mates ps4; albinowineo


If anybody still needs people add TheDivineWaffle on PSN


Level 36 All Classes looking for decent team, add me (TIMEZONE: GMT +2 (Europe)) psn: Royal_Scumbag328


Psn GeneralLukillius, I am very good,and i like to play as monster, assault, or trapper