[PS4] Looking For Evolve Buddies :^)


Hey everyone! I’ve noticed that everyone I come across in Evolve seems to come and go after a short period of one - three games. I’m looking for three other friends that are also looking for people to settle down with. I like to win, but I don’t like to take the game too seriously. You’ll usually see me playing Trapper, so if you enjoy any of the three other roles, please message me on PSN. My profile is Eggbeatzz. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like to take Evolve too seriously, but I still want to win. What I mean by that is, I like to crack jokes and have fun, but I still try to win. If you are like me, please let me know!

Your Future Friend :smile:


I’m a medic.
what is your GMT?
mine +3.


add me xino_zero


Man… I’m trying to find players to play with. It gets pretty quite Hunting. Send me an invite BlackMamba679. I like rolling with medic