[PS4] Looking for "decent" assault to fill a party


We have a team of three at the moment, and really we’re just looking for a good fourth member. Our preferred rolls are medic, support and trapper; hince the title, but we’re all pretty versatile. So we’ll probably switch every now and again just to keep things interesting. Also, if any monsters are interested, once we find a fourth member, we can all do some customs? Whether it be just to test each other’s skills, or for some practice runs. Whatever the occasion, the more the merrier.


We have a pool of players in our PS4 subdivision for the tactical Evolve clan Nova! You can team up with others in what ever amount you need and compete with other teams if you like to. We value fun, competitive and friendly players so if you’re interested please PM me or refer to my previous post!


Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind and discuss it with my team mates. I appreciate the info, and I guess technically the invite as well.