[PS4] Looking for a clan


Looking for a clan based around Evolve, or a clan involved in Evolve. I play every day and am also playing Destiny at the moment. (Level 32, almost all exotics, necro included) I mainly play support and monster.

Add me if you are interested, or comment below.

My name is KingNotix on PSN


Try Searching PS4 Usernames in the search bar.


Searching their names? This does not seem productive seeing I am looking for a community and not a single player. Unless I am not understanding what you are saying all together. Elaborate?


No no no, I mean search “Ps4 Usernames.” There is a list of people.


Do not see how that will do me any good. Searching PS4 Usernames gives me nothing. Where do you want me to search? Let alone I am not looking for single players. I am looking for a community, clan , or a premade team looking for additional players who are trying to work for the better good of getting better.

Again, elaborate your idea, telling me to search a term does me no good if it has nothing to do with the post.



Still does not help with what I was asking for here. I appreciate your enthusiasm to help, but you are just posting that where it does not belong. Not looking for a single person. Not making my own team. There is a separate sub-section for this purpose. You should go post that there. |Looking for member|


I too would like to find a tighter community to play evolve with. It’s a little frustrating trying to play a coop game when nobody has a Mic and seemingly run around doing their own thing.

Psn Id “eirekt”

Playing all classes at the moment.


We need actual clans and communities to be formed around Evolve. It seems everyone is doing their own thing atm when this game requires major teamwork.


It´s not a clan at the moment but we have been able to find other like-minded players in real-time, check it out:



Again that is not what this post is about. We are not looking for a LFG service. We are not looking for single players who are posting their names up. Anyone can find those links. Appreciate the want to help but the idea is simple enough.


No Bad Day Gaming is a brand new community of gamers for every game, for every platform. We are currently looking for members of any and every game to join our community. ! Everyone is welcome, but people with Microphones are recommended. WE ARE NOT A CLAN, but we will be starting one soon. We are simply a community of gamers, looking for people to play with. Although, joining the community for a specific game will give you a clan-like experience.

Join us at nobaddaygaming.com

Created March 12, 2015
Will be doing Streams via Twitch and Videos on Youtube(Gameplays, tutorials, reviews, etc.)
Currently constructing a competetive clan.
We have an 8-Person Admin Team with a combined 20+ years in the Gaming industry.
Intend on going Pro. Which means, we plan on sticking around and progressing substantially over time.