PS4 Looking for a 4th EU hunter


Ok, we have been trying to play with dozen of players we met in game or on this forum. Everytime they were claiming that they knew the game’s mechanics and that they are good at it, in fact they didn’t even know how to properly play their main character. The best is that some of them are speaking about balance on this forum, that’s funny… Whatever…

We had a good Assault, but last days she (ye it’s a she) doesn’t wanna play in premade anymore.

So we are 3 good players able to play any class at a fairly good level and we are looking desperately for a good 4th.

We want someone that :

  • know the mechanics of the game
  • is able to communicate
  • is playing regularly
  • is able to play at least 2 class
  • is from EU and play on PS4

If you are not sure that the description above fits you or if you are not interested, do not answer to this thread, thanks.

nb : 1st part of this message might be hurting for some players but honestly, i’m bored of people who call themselves pros while they are not even good.


How many games did you play with them? And on top of that how many times did you play with them?

It is highly presumptuous of you to say something like that if you didn’t play with them for very long/very many games. Sometimes it takes time for people to find their synergy with other people, or they can have bad days, among other things. I know that when I have a bad day in a game I tend to play worse than I did when I first got said game.


I don’t need to play 20 days with someone to see if he knows what he is doing or not.

When you have :

  • a trapper who never split dome and always dome a monster where he can loop around the environment, who doesn’t use its harpoon
  • an assault who doesn’t use his toxic nades or doesn’t go for damages in a good dome
  • a lazarus who rush on the body all the time, 2 seconds after the guy is down while the monster is focusing the body and who never heal burst for the team

Yes i know they are not good and it’s not worth it to play with them. Add to this that they can’t dodge anything… and that they call themselves good players…




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I am too dump. I dont understand this text.

We are searching now over month for one constant decent player without any success. There are so much people on this forum who thinking, they can play this game well but when you play with them, they are sometimes only Bronze and have no idea how to play against good monsters.

We dont search a awesome player, we just search a player who can:

  • Dodge
  • Basic Game knowlege
  • He/She should play at least one class well.
  • Teamplay
  • Comunication

But if you see players in the game who:

  • never set harpoons
  • heal or bad healing
  • wasting healbursts
  • cant dodge
  • throw domes where the monster can easy avoid damage
  • As assault not deploy mines or throwing nades
  • As support not shield, damage app or cloak you

This list can be so long but I dont want to continue. Its just sad that I only meet bad people who even didnt know the basics. But claiming in the forum here that they are awesome xD :smiley:


I mean, I haven’t played in a while or in a premade team before, but you can hit me up if you like. I play mainly assault, but I can play any class really. To be fair though, I may be unaware of a few mechanics if they’ve been changed recently.

Anyways, if you’re desperate, PSN: XGeneralDamageX. Just drop me a message if need be.


Added you, you have already played with some of us.


Feel like this is directed towards me, you should play with a different support next time.


If you are still looking for an extra active player; psn Danji-dani-
My pref support/medic/trapper/assault

val/laz (emet)

playing this from start, ps4 and pc


been looking for european group aswell, 1-2 training nights/week…
that’s why I switched over for a while to pc.

I am from Belgium.


If you can’t find anybody in the EU, I am in the US. I’m experienced with the game. I main laz/emet and sunny.


Not really, we actually played with many players (more than 20 since the game release). It has often been like this so it’s not toward you.

Anyway, i don’t add/keep USA players in my friend list, Timezone problems.

Will add you